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I am a certified medical coder with 13.5 years of experience in patient financial services and health information management (HIM). I currently hold two AHIMA medical coding certifications, which include the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) and the Certified Specialist-Physician Based (CCS-P).  I have six years of experience coding outpatient accounts for a hospital.  I graduated from the SBCC HIT Degree Program in the fall of 2019 and I recently passed the RHIT exam. As of September 2018, I am also a private medical coding tutor.  My passion for medical coding is what drives me to tutor and mentor medical coding students.  During the past seven years as a medical coder I have learned so much and I have encountered many challenges, including the transition from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM, my first coding certification (CCS-P), my second coding certification (CCS), the implementation of computer-assisted coding software and an EHR, and the continuation of my education while working full-time as a remote medical coder.  At times, I found myself overwhelmed by the constant change in the field and the overload of coding information like conventions, guidelines, Coding Clinic, CPT Assistant, webinars, and seminars, but I realized that even though some moments in my medical coding career were extremely challenging, I was becoming a better medical coder as the years went by.  My medical coding skills have given me the opportunity to flourish at what I do best on a daily basis.  Most recently, I have also learned that the skills I have mastered as a certified medical coder are a great foundation for furthering the medical coding careers of those I tutor and mentor. 


If you are looking for a medical coding tutor,  please feel free to reach out to me with your question. Thanks!


Associate's Degree in Health Information Technology (HIT)

Santa Barbara City College- Fall 2019

I have completed classes accredited by AHIMA in the following subjects: introduction to computer applications, basic medical terminology, human form and function, introduction to health information management, legal aspects of health care, basic pathophysiology, pharmacology for allied health, international classification disease, diagnosis coding (ICD-10), CPT procedural coding, health information management statistics, health care quality management, HIM computer application,  alternative delivery systems, and introduction to management. 


Bachelor's Degree in Health Information Management (HIM)

In Progress


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I am excited about sharing my knowledge and expertise with coding students. I love medical coding but medical coding comes with many challenges and it is important to find a good medical coding mentor and tutor. If you have any questions about medical coding please contact me. Thanks!